North Sentinel Island, the prohibited Island where no one is welcome!

North Sentinel Island is an Indian island located in the west of Andaman and Nicobar islands that are bigger in surface. It‘s located in the Indian ocean in the bay of Bengal. The Sentinelese, an indigenous tribe that lives in the island, have rejected, often violently, any contact with the outside world, no one has ever been able to make contact with them. The island is one of the last remaining places on earth where time has stopped for thousands of years.

In order to prevent its residents from catching diseases to which they have no immunity, it is prohibited by the Indian law, to travel to the island or to approach closer than 5 miles. The Sentinelese have repeatedly attacked approaching vessels.

On 1967 Triloknath Pandit, a director of the Anthropological Survey of India, and his colleagues were the first men who made a peaceful contact with the Sentinelese.  They accepted his friendly contact and in January 1991 after he gave them gifts like Coconut and Aluminum, They started talking to TN Pandit in an unknown language. On his next visit, he took an Onge man who tried to translate their language, but they got angry after seeing the Onge man making his visit the last to the island.
On 2 August 1981, the Primrose ship grounded on the North Sentinel Island reef. Crewmembers noticed within a short time that men were building boats on the beach while carrying spears and arrows.

The captain requested an urgent drop of weapons via a radio communication so his crewmembers could defend themselves against the coming danger, but did not receive any because a large storm stopped other ships from reaching them. Luckily, heavy seas also prevented the Sentinelese from approaching the ship. One week later, a helicopter rescued the crewmembers.

On 2004, an earthquake hit the Indian Ocean, so the Indian government sent a helicopter to check on the inhabitants on the island. The helicopter crew observed some tribesmen attacking the helicopter by shooting arrows and throwing stones with the apparent intent of repelling it.

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