Mother’s day 2019, why this celebration takes place on different dates around the world?

Following the steps of the united states, Many Countries all over the world are celebrating Mother’s day on Sunday. However, in other nations like United Kingdom, Egypt, the celebration takes place on different dates.

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

How did it start in the United States?

The idea of mother’s day was first suggested in the United States in 1872 by Suffragist and a pacifist writer Julia Ward Howe, who saw the celebration as an occasion to unite women and rally for peace.

The holiday that is celebrated today in the USA is credited to the West Virginia activist Anna Jarvis. Jarvis wanted to commemorate her mother’s contribution in her community and her efforts in the public health issues. Therefore, in honor of her mother, Jarvis held a memorial at St Andrews Church in Virginia in 1908.

She later said that she regretted starting it, for having become too commercializedby greeting card and gift companies,and expressed views on how that was never her intention.

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill recognizing Jarvis’ Mother’s Day, which is the second Sunday in May as a national holiday and the day of“public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country”.

Other countries, including Australia, Venezuela, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Croatia, Cuba, china and Canada, also celebrate on the second Sunday of May.

How much Americans spend on Mother’s day?

According to the National Retail Federation, American People are expected to spend an average of $196 to celebrate their moms this year. That means Mother’s Day spending in the USA is estimated to total $25 billion.

In “United Kingdom”

In United Kingdom, “Mothering Sunday” is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, a religious celebration in the Christian calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends six weeks later on Holy Saturday. Historians believe that “Mothering day” evolved from the 16th-century Christian practice of visiting mothers in the season of Lent. As a result of this tradition, most mothers were reunited with their children on this day. 

Mothering Sunday celebration evolved into a family day and a tradition of showing appreciation to one’s mother and it’s not close to the church as in the past.

In “Arab countries”

In most Arab countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first day of spring, 21 March. The idea was first introduced in Egypt by journalist Mustafa Amin, and it was first celebrated after the idea gained popularity in 1956. Since then, the practice was copied in most other Arab countries.

In “China”

In China, Mother’s Day was introduced in 1997 as the day to help poor mothers and to remind people of mothers in rural China. Since then, Mother’s Day has gained more popularity in the country. An article in the Chinese government’s official newspaper explained. “Despite originating in the United States, people in China accept the holiday without hesitation because it is in line with the country’s traditional ethics – respect for the elderly and filial piety towards parents”.

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