Teamwork for a better performance

Teams are a part of everyone’s life. Each one of us works in a company or belongs to an institution where collaborating is the main way to achieve common goal or to accomplish tasks in the most effective and efficient way. Therefore, It’s appropriate to understand how to function effectively as a team member.
Teamwork is the concept of people working together as a team for one specific purpose under the same value. Moreover, greater interpersonal skills are necessary if you are to work together. Teamwork improves the working environment, keeps communication consistent, relieves stress, reduces ERRORS and keeps communication lines open.

Let’s talk about some benefits of teamwork:

– Allows team members to feel equally responsible for the performance of the team and its outcome.
– Permits individuals to have primary roles for completing team tasks and remain flexible to do what is necessary to accomplish the team’s goals and tasks.
– Creates and maintains a climate of trust and open, honest communication.
– Allows team members to talk openly with one another.
– Promotes the exchange of feedback.
– Provides team members to work through misunderstandings and conflicts.

After talking about the benefits of the teamwork, here are some characteristics of effective team members:

– They are supportive to achieve the results.
– They avoid « winning » or looking good at the expense of others.
– They are open to the ideas of others.
– They share information and ideas.
– They support the contribution of others.
Finally if you even wonder what are the guidelines for effective team membership:
– Listening to what other team members have to say is one of the most vital skills you can contribute to a productive team atmosphere.
– Without enthusiastic participation of all its members, a group is just a collection of individuals.
– If an idae isn’t clear, asking questions and getting clarifictions is compulsory.

Teamwork has many other benefits, since members of the same team can make better decisions together. They also gain the support of their high management in order to accomplish and communicate the team’s progress and success.

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