I – A brief history:

Throughout history, minimalism was an ideal that influenced many cultural movements. Its origin begins in the 1960s with the art community. Some key aspects like, imagery, symbolism and emotional appeal comprised the abstract expressionist movement. Minimalism sought to contrast these types of ideals.

The minimalist movements has taken off in most parts of the Europe and America in the dawn of the 1980s. Some principles of this art movement were being developed during this period. For example, for some artists, a minimalist art work meant that the art work seemed plain and simple to an untrained eye. this means that some works of art were uncomplicated geometric shapes, while others were pieces of the world taken into museum.

II – The modern day minimalist movement:

To better understand the modern day minimalist movement. Let’s take an example from our everyday lives. Humans have this natural mindset of competition; we can end up competing with our relatives, colleagues and friends. Social media has certainly exacerbated this tendency. And inevitably, this could lead to feelings of not being enough. It can lower our self-esteem, and at times it can create a Sense of self-doubt. At its core, minimalism as a lifestyle aims to get rid of life’s excess.
It is very important to have a comprehensive understanding of the advantages of this lifestyle before adopting it.

III – some benefits of minimalism

1 – Spend less money:

When you adopt the ideals of a minimalist lifestyle, your major goal becomes to have less stuff, and to own just enough. This guarantees that you will end up spending less money on possessions, but most importantly, you will lead the happiest life that you can. It’s that simple.

2 – Less stress in your life:

This benefit is the most important reason to become a minimalist. Stress is the worst illness of the modern world, it can cause physical ailments in the sense that it contributes to premature aging. We have enough issues to stress about in our lives, we don’t need our possesses to create us more reasons to worry.

3 – Cleanliness:

Your immediate area or the place where you live becomes cleaner and more organized when there is less stuff around. This is how minimalism offers an organizational benefit that leads to a cleaner way of life.

4 – doing more:

As a minimalist you are more likely to become more productive in your daily life, because owning less stuff will save you lot of time (time of purchasing the goods, time repairing expensive broken things and cleaning…). When adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you will have more time to devote to meaningful and important tasks of your daily life.

5 – The ability to endorse quality over quantity:

Through the adoption of a minimalist philosophy, you will learn than you can enhance the quality of products that you own, instead of purchasing too many products that will do the same service but with a lower quality. After all, more is not better.

It is clear that minimalism has many advantages over an ordinary less organized lifestyle. It can easily be adopted by anyone since it offers a simple way of life rid of any complications drawn by a modern lifestyle.

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