Conflict at workplace: causes and solutions

Conflict at workplace is inevitable; anyone might experience conflict with one or many of his or her colleagues, because of some reasons. It develops because we are dealing with people’s lives, jobs, pride, ego, and sense of mission or purpose. Fortunately, early indicators of conflict can be recognized, and there are strategies for resolving the issue that are available and DO work.

Some of the main causes of conflict at the work place are:
-Poor communication.
It results in a culture of distrust, uncertainty and ineffective interactions between the employees. Poor communication can be the root of any conflict at any organization
-Seeking power or the good reputation.
-Dissatisfaction with management style.
-Weak leadership and lack of openness.

Now let’s talk about some Indicators of the conflict at the workplace:

-Body language.
-Disagreements regardless of issue.
-Withholding bad news.
-Conflicts in value system.
-Desire for power.
-Increasing lack of respect.
-Open disagreement.
-Lack of clear goals.

Here are some steps How to avoid conflict:
-Avoid arguing over individual ranking or position
-Avoid win-lose statements. Discard the notion that someone must win
-Treat differences of opinions as indicative of incomplete sharing of informations.
-Keep asking questions.
-Difference in opinions should be taken as healthy thing for the team

You should remember that any conflict at the workplace should not be ignored by the managers and must quickly be solved and managed because if not, it can escalate and halt an organization’s progress as people spend time worrying more about conflict than organizational goals.

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