Chernobyl disaster, the unforgettable nuclear catastrophe that took place in 1986.

One of the most catastrophic man-made disasters happened in April 1986, both in terms of cost and casualties, when an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the USSR occurred during a late-night safety test. The test’s objective was the simulation of the station blackout power-failure. Therefore, both emergency safety and power-regulating systems were intentionally turned off. A combination of many errors led to an uncontrolled reaction conditions. Water flashed into steam generating a destructive explosion. The heat was so intense that it melted firefighters’ boots. The fire was finally contained on 4 May 1986.

The true story of the nuclear plant disaster that occurred in Ukraine is told in “Chernobyl”, an HBO striking television miniseries that reveals how and why it happened and tells the shocking, remarkable stories of the heroes who fought and fell.
In this article, we will focus on some consequences of this disaster that took place 33 years ago, so you can have an idea of the atrocity of such events.

On the environmental level

Right after the catastrophe, 1.5 square miles (about 4 square kilometers) of pine forest directly downwind of the reactor turned reddish-brown and immediately died, earning the name of the “Red Forest”.

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