5 Inspiring Books For Your Kids

Books have a major role in the education of children, that’s why parents often wonder what kind of books is better for their kids. It is important for them to choose books that are entertaining, inspiring and thoughtful. After some deep research in the most relevant book critics, we suggest five interesting titles for your kid’s libraries.

The wonderful things you will be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin is a pleasant book, easy to read and understand, beautifully written and illustrated. Its main moral is that any child can be anybody they want to become. It encourages children to have big dreams, to boost their imagination and to keep a good character. It gives some great messages in a delightful, warm and loving way.

It’s a happy book and we highly recommend it.


Wonder by R.J PALACIO is a moving and uplifting story about a 10 years old child August Pullman with a genetic facial deformity. He has being home-schooled until one day his mother decided that he should go to a real school. The novel follows August during his first year of middle school from beginning to end. It’s a year in which August experiences the best and the worst of human nature and a year of tremendous emotional growth for him.

This book is mostly about self-acceptance, kindness and courage. It teaches kids to be kind, to welcome differences and to reject cruelty.

Aesop’s fables

Credited to Aesop, a Greek poet born a slave in 620 BC, Aesop’s fables is one of the most famous collection of stories ever written, Aesop’s fables is full of stories about animals given attributes of human beings, one of them is the famous the boy who cried wolf.

These little educational and entertaining stories include very simple philosophies and wisdom for kids to start their learning journey.

The little prince

The little prince or le petit prince in French, a novella, the most famous by the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It has been voted as the best book of the 20thcentury in France. A tender tale of love, friendship, loss and loneliness in the form of a young prince coming from a distant little planet to visit earth.

The book makes several observations about life and human nature with an innocent and neutral view. It is filled with eternal lessons baked into a beautifully told story.

NG little kid’s first big book series

The author of several books of these series is Catherine D. Hughes; she has a degree in early child development. National Geographic little kid’s first big book series are a collection of books that will introduce young children to the wonders of nature and space, featuring a colourful design and National Geographic’s incredible photography and simple text that is perfect for beginning readers or for reading aloud.

This irresistible first reference series for children, ages four to eight, focuses on high-interest topics and will provide them with basic knowledge about everything from nature and the universe.

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